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The Obesity Medicine Association Blog is the leading industry hub for obesity medicine. Find the latest research, expert insights, and practical tips to tackle the multifaceted disease of obesity. Hear from OMA Outreach Committee members, OMA Board members, and more to gain a deeper understanding of the complex factors influencing obesity and explore innovative approaches to prevention, treatment, and long-term management. Join a community of healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals passionate about combating obesity.

Image of San Antonio, Texas skyline with a teal overlay and the Overcoming Obesity 2023 conference logo at the top center. Below the logo is the text: schedule announced. Below that is the text: Oct 25-29, San Antonio, TX, up to 30 CME/CE

Overcoming Obesity 2023 – Schedule Announcement  

The agenda for Overcoming Obesity 2023 is now available to view! The Overcoming Obesity 2023 conference in San Antonio, TX, Oct 25-29 is the perfect…

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FCON23 Featured Speaker Announcement Blog Image

Overcoming Obesity 2023 Featured Speaker Announced

Join OMA this October 25-29 in San Antonio, TX for Overcoming Obesity 2023. This conference is the perfect opportunity to network with fellow obesity medicine…

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OMA Member Highlight graphic image: half orange, half gray with a headshot of Dr.Jerome Puryear. To the left of the image is the text: OMA Member Highlight, Jerome Puryear Jr. MD, DABOM with the OMA logo in the bottom right corner

August OMA Member Highlight

Jerome Puryear, Jr., MD, DABOM, became an OMA member in 2019 and has made a great impact in his time here. He is an active…

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Image of Dr. Ethan Lazarus speaking in front of an audience in a conference room, with a presentation on the screen next to him

2023 Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates Report

Ethan Lazarus, MD, FOMA (Immediate Past-President of the OMA) attended the Annual AMA Meeting as the OMA delegate and Anthony Auriemma, MD, JD (Trustee, OMA…

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Graphic with a half-gray, half-orange background with a square image of Kabir Harricharan on the left side. The right side of the graphic states: OMA member highlight

July OMA Member Highlight

Initially, Kabir Harricharan Singh, MD became a member to get a discount on attending the Spring 2017 OMA Conference in Seattle, but once he realized…

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laptop with a person typing and holding a pen

OMA Collaborates on Multi-format Obesity Care Initiatives

To foster the extension of the expertise of ABOM-certified physicians to PCPs who are integral to the care of individuals with obesity, the Obesity Medicine…

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Obesity Medicine 2023 Review Blog Image

Insights from the Obesity Medicine 2023 Conference

Experts share their perspectives on obesity care, stigma, coaching skills, protein synthesis, and BMI limitations at the Obesity Medicine 2023 Conference in Manhattan. The bustling…

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Doctor handing a prescription to a patient

Obesity Medicine Association Issues a Position Statement on Compounded Peptides

DENVER, Co. – March 30, 2023 The Obesity Medicine Association has released its Position Statement on Compounded Peptides, with a summary that states:  “The Obesity…

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image of Sarah Holz, NP on a graphic that says OMA Member Highlight

April OMA Member Highlight

Sarah Holz, NP became a member of the OMA in 2019. She joined OMA because she was brand new to the field and wanted to…

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