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Learn how you can become a champion for increased access to obesity care.

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OMA Advocacy Toolkit

The Advocacy Committee has compiled a toolkit to help OMA members better communicate the advocacy priorities of the OMA at the local, state, and national levels. Inside the toolkit, you will find information that will help you better understand the advocacy roles and avenues that you can navigate when advocating for improved patient care.

Anti-Obesity Medication Coverage: Talking Points and Tips

The OMA Advocacy Committee created a handout as a resource for providers to address comprehensive obesity care coverage, including Anti-Obesity Medications (AOMs), with employers, human resource departments, and health plans.

Resource Guide for Patients

The OMA Advocacy Committee has collaborated on a handout as a resource to guide patients on important safety considerations related to compounded peptide AOMs.

Obesity Care Advocacy Network

The Obesity Care Advocacy Network (OCAN) is a diverse group of organizations dedicated to changing how the population of the U.S. perceives and approaches the obesity epidemic. OCAN educates about obesity and does advocacy for obesity treatment, including public policies and increased funding for obesity education, research, and care. OCAN’s primary goals are:

  • To prevent disease progression
  • To improve access to evidence-based treatments
  • To improve standards of quality care
  • To eliminate weight bias
  • To foster innovation in future obesity treatments

The Obesity Medicine Association partners with other organizations to make up OCAN. Visit the OCAN website to view the full list of partner organizations.

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