Serving on a committee is one of many exclusive benefits of membership and a great way to get more involved, collaborate on projects with other members, and gain leadership experience.

Apply to Be on a Committee: 2019-2020 Term

Anyone interested in serving on a committee for the yearlong term must submit an application during the fall enrollment period. Even if you have served on a committee before or currently serve on a committee, you must complete a new application each year.

Complete the application below or download a PDF application to apply to be on a committee for the 2019-2020 term. The deadline to apply is November 6, 2019.

  • By submitting this application, you verify that upon acceptance in a committee, you will actively participate in meetings, conference calls, and tasks as assigned. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee involvement in a committee; your application will be reviewed by OMA staff and the committee chairperson and board liaison. Depending on the committee, additional application materials may be required.
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Current Committees

Click on the name of each committee below to view a description of that committee.

Advocacy Committee

Strengthen OMA’s advocacy efforts through participation in the Obesity Care Continuum and the Obesity Care Advocacy Network. Advocate for obesity care at the state and federal legislation levels, and assist in the progression of coverage for obesity treatment.

CME Overview Committee*

Review all aspects of CME activities, from disclosures to actual content, to ensure content is evidence-based and free of commercial influence.

*Upon request, applicants are required to fill out and submit a disclosure form.

Membership Committee

Assist in recruiting new members and engaging existing members to increase membership and encourage retention. Enhance the membership experience by promoting current benefits and creating new benefits based on member needs.

NP and PA Committee

Advance the concept of using specially trained, expert practitioners for obesity and overweight treatment within the medical community and on a local, state, and national level.

Outreach Committee*

Increase awareness and recognition of OMA and the field of obesity medicine. Implement projects that promote the practice of obesity medicine to medical professionals.

*Committee members are expected to submit one or more blog articles to OMA during the committee term.

Pediatric Committee*

Further the practice of treating pediatric patients with obesity and promote the health of children and adolescents.

*Upon request, applicants are required to fill out and submit a disclosure form.

Speakers Bureau Task Force

Expand the visibility of OMA and obesity medicine by leveraging the expertise within our membership to create and manage a bureau of OMA speaker-ambassadors who are available to lecture and comment on the topic of obesity at professional meetings, educational conferences and courses, and in a public relations capacity as directed by the OMA. Review applications and identify appropriate candidates to serve as subject matter experts for speaking engagements and public relations initiatives.