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New “Supportive Obesity Care” Website for Healthcare Professionals

Our society can be hostile toward people with obesity who commonly face judgment, prejudice, and unfair treatment in their daily lives. This problem extends to the healthcare setting, where patients can face weight bias and stigma from physicians, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, medical students, and even healthcare professionals who specialize in obesity.

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Bmi outdated metric

Is BMI Outdated? An Analysis of Body Mass Index and Health

Does your health care provider talk to you about your Body Mass Index (BMI) and do you know what it really means? Widely criticized as…

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Aerial shot of a white table with a variety of bowls of fruit, vegetables, grains, and carbs

Cultural Healthy Eating Guides

The Obesity Medicine Association, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, has created a number of cultural Healthy Eating Guides to be a resource to clinicians to…

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doctor sitting with a patient on a hospital bed comforting her

Does Class III Obesity Qualify as a Disability? 

As societies confront the complexities of obesity, questions about the classification of obesity as a disability have come to the forefront. Disability, traditionally understood as…

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image of a woman from behind holding her arms up in front of a field

Women’s Mental Health and Obesity

Obesity is a complex disease that affects a large proportion of the global population. While obesity is often linked to physical health problems such as…

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Image of Dr. Monu Khanna next to U.S. Army Veteran Michael Smith

A Veteran's Life Toward Reclaimed Health: A 250 Pound Weight Loss Story

United States Army Veteran Michael Smith has a great deal to be proud of these days. He walks a mile every Saturday, he can collect his groceries from the…

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Peds Update Obesity and Hispanic Children and Families

Pediatric Obesity Research Update | Obesity and Hispanic Children and Families

Each month, the OMA Pediatric Committee reviews a pediatric-focused obesity research update to help keep you up to date about the latest findings. This month’s addresses obesity…

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Social stigma obesity blog image

Social Stigma of Obesity; How to Manage in a Clinical Setting

Bias, stigma, and frank discrimination against persons living with obesity are widespread in our society. We are bombarded with ever-increasing direct and indirect messages praising…

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Bollie Article Image

Where Do We Go From Here: Impact of Racism & Racial Disparities on Obesity Rates in African Americans & Clinical Implications

The past few years were filled with many emotions as we adjusted to living through the COVID-19 pandemic. In the US we were also forced…

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