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Live Webinar | May 28, 2024 | 12 PM EDT | 1 CME/CE

How Nonviolent Communication Engenders Authentic Compassion, Patient Motivation, and Joy in our Practice

Nonviolent communication (NVC) developed by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg provides a powerful mechanism to engender authentic compassion for patients, unleash intrinsic motivation to engage in healthy habits as well as mitigate burnout for healthcare professionals. Clinician empathy and compassion are critical qualities to care for patients impacted by obesity and chronic conditions. It has been demonstrated that patients who are successful at weight loss and maintenance of that weight loss possess intrinsic motivation. Practicing the principles of NVC can assist patients to gain clarity on their motivation. Further, health care professionals are subject to burnout which can negatively impact compassion. Nonviolent communication not only provides a mechanism to engender authentic empathy but can create a way forward to engender joy in their practice despite administrative burden. This lecture will outline the principles of NVC, provide concrete ways on how to effectively work with patients to develop health visions that are linked to their fundamental human needs, as well as outlining how NVC promotes joy in clinical practice.

This lecture will make the case that a mechanism to mitigate clinician burnout and engender authentic empathy is needed. Participants will be taught the model of NVC. A brief discussion of how to construct a meaningful and optimal health vision using the principles of coaching will ensue and how to connect that to fundamental human needs that serves to unlock powerful intrinsic motivation for patients. Finally, participants will learn how practicing the principles of NVC can mitigate burnout and engender meaningful joy in our practice.

Speaker: Maria Maldonado, MD, FACP, DABOM, NBC-HWC

Credit: 1 CME/CE

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