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Obesity Medicine Association webinars delve into the latest research, evidence-based treatments, and innovative strategies for addressing obesity. Our webinars offer a valuable platform to learn, connect with like-minded individuals, and hear from experts in the field. Attend webinars to stay informed, inspired, and empowered on the path toward treating the disease of obesity.
Allan damian

Live Webinar | December 4 , 2023 | 6 PM ET

Obesity and Sleep through a Pediatric Lens

Is the intersection of Childhood Obesity and pediatric sleep problems merely confined to a discussion of poor sleep habits leading to weight gain? With weight gain, one is likely to develop Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and is it therefore a mere consequence of poor habits? This webinar aims to present concepts beyond just these commonly known associations. It will begin with an introduction about normal sleep and the circadian rhythm. It will also review some key concepts illustrating how circadian physiology and a person’s activities may interact, leading to weight gain. It will also summarize how OSA in the child with obesity can be much more complicated. It will enumerate some comorbid sleep problem in children with syndromic obesity.

Speaker: Allan Damian, MD

1.00 CME/CE

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Sponsored Live Webinar | January 25, 2024

On Demand Human Led Weight Loss Coaching – How Technology is Radically Improving Access and Driving Down Cost

Fitmate Coach was founded with a mission to shake up the field of human weight loss coaching by leveraging newly emerging technology to make it more affordable, more scalable and truly on demand.

We believe that humans will always be central to the effective delivery of coaching and this is backed up by a recent study published by Stanford Business. 

Attend our Webinar to hear how we combine technology and humans to allow us to provide people with unlimited access to coaching, on demand, throughout their treatment, for less than the cost of a daily cup of coffee.

Attendance will be especially relevant for those prescribing GLP-1 derivatives to their patients, as recent research has shown that weight lost is quickly regained post treatment, unless the patient behaviors that led them to seek treatment in the first place are addressed, as discussed in a recent paper from the Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine by Dr Lee M. Kaplan.

Speaker: Alon Laniado – CEO & Founder Fitmate Coach

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