Obesity and Pregnancy: Beyond 40 Weeks

This article about obesity and pregnancy was written by Anna Welcome, MD, FACOG. Dr. Welcome is a medical bariatrician at Eviva in Edmonds, Washington. Obesity affects both mother and offspring for the 40-week period of gestation and beyond. It involves preconception, conception, gestation, … Continue reading

What Is a Low-carb Diet?

This post about the low-carb diet was written by Mary Jane Baladad, DO. Dr. Baladad is a physician at Marcotte Medical Group in Dyer, Ind. A low-carb diet emphasizes eating proteins, natural fats, and vegetables, while decreasing, and in some cases … Continue reading

Obesity Medications

This post about obesity medications was written by Angela Fitch, MD, FACP. Dr. Fitch is the medical director of Medical Weight Management at the University of Cincinnati Health Weight Loss Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Anti-obesity medications are a class of medications that have … Continue reading

Why Is Obesity a Disease?

This post was written by Melody Covington, MD. Dr. Covington is the CEO and founder of Abundant Health & Vitality Inc., in Charlotte, N.C. The American Medical Association (AMA) designated obesity a disease in 2013 and as a result, the idea … Continue reading