What Is Obesity Medicine? Presentation

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According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of U.S. adults are affected by the disease of obesity. The obesity epidemic continues to grow, yet only about 2,000 physicians are certified to treat obesity by the American Board of Obesity Medicine, and the majority of physicians and health care professionals have not received the proper education and training to effectively treat obesity.

We have work to do when it comes to spreading the word about obesity medicine, which is why the Obesity Treatment Foundation developed the “What Is Obesity Medicine?” presentation. Use this presentation during your local speaking engagements to introduce other health care professionals to the practice of obesity medicine.

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What Is Obesity Medicine? Downloadable InfographicNEW! Download the “What Is Obesity Medicine?” Infographic

Provide your listeners with a takeaway from your presentation that will encourage them to refer patients with obesity to you for treatment. The downloadable “What Is Obesity Medicine?” infographic complements the information in the presentation, explaining how to diagnose obesity, the benefits of medical obesity treatment, and where to go to learn more, and it has a space for you to fill in your personal information for referrals!

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The “What Is Obesity Medicine?” presentation can be used by physicians and health care providers to introduce other health care professionals to the practice of obesity medicine. Use the already-built PowerPoint and accompanying notes to discuss obesity medicine during one-on-one conversations, lectures, grand rounds, lunch-and-learns, or any other local speaking engagements.

In this sample presentation, Dr. Amy Articolo demonstrates how to give the presentation using the slides and notes provided.

What Is Obesity Medicine?

Obesity medicine is the field of medicine dedicated to the comprehensive care of patients with obesity. Clinicians who practice obesity medicine work every day to improve overall health and provide hope for those affected by obesity. If you’re a health care professional looking to change the direction of your career, find out why you should consider obesity medicine.

Watch this short video series to learn the answer to the question: “What Is Obesity Medicine?” Find out how obesity medicine clinicians define obesity and how they treat obesity using a comprehensive, evidence-based approach.