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Bharti Shetye, MD, FOMA, DABOM

Bharti Shetye, MD, FOMA, DABOM

Topics of Expertise

Nutrition, Physical Activity, Behavior, Pharmacotherapy, The Disease of Obesity, Patient Assessment and Evaluation, Communication with Patients

Bharti Shetye MD FOMA DABOM (Dr. Abby) is an ABOM certified internist who has been practicing bariatric medicine since 2006.

She is the medical director of Sun Coast bariatrics – a MBSAQIP Comprehensive Center with adolescent qualification – in South Pasadena FL and owns her own private medical weight loss clinic in Tampa, FL.

She has experience in the public and private sectors of bariatric medicine and surgical fields. Educating the community, patients, health care professionals, raising awareness regarding obesity prevention and management and advocacy visits working towards increasing coverage for obesity treatment and anti-obesity legislations – her area of expertise is all-rounded.