Episode 69: Article Reviews: Clinical Practice Statements for the Management of Obesity – Cancer and Obesity; Full Podcast

Published Date: September 8, 2022

OMA Chief Science Officer, Harold Bays, MD, FOMA, FTOS, FACC, FNLA, FASPC interviews Ethan Lazarus, MD, FOMA, AMA Delegate about the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) Clinical Practice Statement for which he was first author, titled ‘Cancer and Obesity’. The CPS serves as a flexible guide for providers seeking to create or improve an obesity medicine program.

Today’s topics include the complex relationship between cancer and obesity; how the steep decline of nicotine use over the past 30 years can inform us regarding possibilities for obesity management and care; and the nature of fat as a metabolically, hormonally active substance that predisposes the body to different types of cancer. Additionally, our experts discuss the management and care of patients with obesity following a cancer diagnosis; the need for aggressive treatment of obesity using behavioral, medical and surgical strategies; the benefits of weight loss in cancer patients with obesity; and the devastating impact that clinician bias can have on the long term progression of patients with obesity.

In our article review podcasts, we have carefully selected recent articles included in the latest version of the Obesity Pillars, which is the official Gold Open Access online-only journal of the Obesity Medicine Association and is devoted to the publication of clinical and evidence-based research for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health care clinicians in the field of obesity that can be found at https://www.journals.elsevier.com/obesity-pillars. We then discuss this new science with obesity experts. To access other resources from the clinical leader in Obesity Medicine, visit: www.obesitymedicine.org.

Following this podcast, the contents have been divided into 2 parts in the following episodes.

Episode Guests

Ethan Lazarus, MD, FOMA, AMA Delegate

Resources Mentioned
Obesity Pillars
Cancer and Obesity: An Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) Clinical Practice Statement (CPS) 2022

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