Episode 49: Clinical Conversations: Primary Care Management of Patients Following Bariatric Surgery

Published Date: November 1, 2021

In this episode, Obesity medicine specialist and OMA clinical education director, Dr. Nicholas Pennings interviews Dr. Catherine Varney, highlighted speaker from Obesity Medicine 2021 – Virtual, about primary care management of patients following bariatric surgery. Topics covered include reasons patients do not follow up with bariatric surgeons, what primary care providers need to think about when possibly deprescribing medications following major weight loss, and the role primary care can play in the future long-term management of patients who have had bariatric surgery.

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Episode Guests

Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA, Dipl. ABOM

Catherine Varney, DO, Dipl. ABOM

Resources Mentioned

Primary Care Management of Patients in Post Bariatric Surgery

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