Episode 2: Clinical Conversations: Treating Lipedema

Published Date: July 22, 2019

Episode Description

Do you have female patients with excessive, painful fat tissue in the legs, buttock and arms?  Relatively normal trunk?  Patients who cannot lose lower body fat no matter what you try?  It may be a fat disorder called lipedema.  Learn more about this condition that effects up to 11% of women as obesity medicine specialist and OMA clinical education director, Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA, Dipl. ABOM interviews world renown lipedema expert, Karen Herbst, PhD, MD.  Dr. Herbst was a highlighted speaker at the 2018 fall Obesity Medicine Summit in Houston.  This podcast covers the unique characteristics of lipedema, how to distinguish it from generalized obesity, and what interventions can benefit patients with lipedema.  Dr. Herbst is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona where she practices Clinical Endocrinology and is a specialist in fat disorders. You can purchase the full recording of Dr. Herbst’s presentation on lipedema and access more information about Obesity Medicine podcasts and other resources from the clinical leader in Obesity Medicine at www.obesitymedicine.org/podcasts.


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