Episode 16: Article Reviews: Dietary Fat Intake and Body Weight

Published Date: May 4, 2020

Episode Description

In this episode, the OMA Chief Science Officer, Harold Bays, MD, FOMA Dipl. ABOM interviews Krishna Doniparthi, MD, FAARM, FOMA, reviewing a recent article about the impact of fat consumption in diet on body weight in Mediterranean population. Topics covered include: impact on weight when replacing proteins with mono and poly unsaturated fats, consumption of macro-nutrients on body weight along with processed and ultra-processed fats and oils, and how to change the diet to be more in-line with human physiology.

In our article review podcasts, we have carefully selected recent articles included in the latest version of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) Obesity Algorithm. We then discuss this new science with obesity experts.

To access other resources from the clinical leader in Obesity Medicine, visit: www.obesitymedicine.org.

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