Obesity Treatment Foundation

The Obesity Treatment Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization developed to raise funds for clinical research about the treatment of obesity and increase awareness and understanding about the complexities of obesity.

Our Mission

To advance obesity treatment through clinical research and education.

Our Goals

Through a variety of programs and initiatives, we work to:

  • Elevate awareness among health care professionals that obesity is a chronic disease warranting comprehensive medical management by qualified professionals
  • Amplify the quantity and quality of clinician-driven, practice-based obesity treatment research

Our Programs

Obesity Treatment Foundation programs provide opportunities for clinicians who see patients every day to conduct research and track results. By collecting clinician-driven, practice-based research, we can better understand how to effectively treat obesity and improve the health of patients.

  • Clinical research grants
  • Travel awards for physicians-in-training
  • Clinical poster sessions
  • Professional networking events
  • Obesity medicine resource development
  • Publication of obesity medicine research
  • Practice and compensation survey
  • Sharing evidence-based best practices


Optimizing treatment. Increasing awareness.

Thank you for choosing to support the Obesity Treatment Foundation. Your generous gift will help us achieve our mission to advance obesity treatment through clinical research and education.

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A Message from the Executive Director

Welcome to the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) family! We, the OTF, are the research and philanthropic arm of OMA that focuses on enhancing the evidence base of obesity medicine through clinical research and transforming the future of obesity treatment by elevating awareness. In just a few short years, we’ve been able to develop programs that will impact the entire obesity medicine community. I hope you will join us in supporting our initiatives as you learn more about OMA and become more connected.