Obesity Algorithm®

The Obesity Algorithm® — our hugely popular set of obesity treatment guidelines — is now available in digital and NEW print version! Keep up with the latest obesity treatment trends and learn how to implement evidence-based medical approaches to help your patients achieve their weight and health goals.

About the Obesity Algorithm® - What's New

The 2019 Obesity Algorithm is an essential tool for any practice; it contains updated information on the mechanisms, evaluation, and treatment of obesity, including why obesity is a disease, how obesity causes the most common metabolic diseases encountered in clinical practice, and how to treat obesity to reduce disease risk. Other updates include:Obesity Algorithm®

  • Obesity and cardiovascular disease
  • Obesity and diabetes mellitus
  • Obesity and dyslipidemia
  • Obesity and cancer
  • Expansion of investigational anti-obesity pharmacotherpy
  • Treatments for lipodystrophy
  • Pharmacokinetics and obesity

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For the first year ever, you can order a printed copy of the 2019 Obesity Algorithm®. The full-color printed copy serves as a great reference tool.

Obesity Algorithm®

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An abbreviated version of the 2019 Obesity Algorithm also comes in a PowerPoint format, perfect for when you're giving a presentation and need a pre-built slide deck. Use the PowerPoint to educate your colleagues about the field of obesity medicine and treatment guidelines. To download the free slides, click the button to be redirected to the download form.

The PowerPoint slide deck does not include all content of the 2019 Obesity Algorithm; to access the complete revised content, please download the Obesity Algorithm e-book.

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Referencing the 2019 Obesity Algorithm

The Obesity Algorithm PowerPoint and e-book are both subject to a copyright of the Obesity Medicine Association. To reference the use of this resource for educational purposes, please use the full reference:

E-book Citation: Bays HE, McCarthy W, Christensen S, Wells S, Long J, Shah NN, Primack C.  Obesity Algorithm eBook, presented by the Obesity Medicine Association. www.obesityalgorithm.org. 2019. https://obesitymedicine.org/obesity-algorithm/  (Accessed = Insert date)

PowerPoint Citation: Bays HE, McCarthy W, Christensen S, Seger J, Wells S, Long J, Shah NN, Primack C.  Obesity Algorithm Slides, presented by the Obesity Medicine Association. www.obesityalgorithm.org. 2019. https://obesitymedicine.org/obesity-algorithm/  (Accessed = Insert date)

Using the Obesity Algorithm® in Clinical Practice

Find out how the interactive features and functions of the e-book allow you to quickly reference obesity treatment guidelines and education in your practice!

Learn about the different ways you can utilize the Obesity Algorithm®. Other obesity medicine clinicians use it as a resource for:

  1. Day-to-day conduct of their clinical practice
  2. Staff training
  3. Preparation for the American Board of Obesity Medicine certification exam