Obesity Medicine Is the Science of Hope

So what is the Science of Hope? It refers to this specialized field of medicine—obesity medicine—where patients and providers alike experience a renewed sense of hope when faced with the challenge of obesity. Obesity medicine combines science-based medicine with individualized treatment, resulting in improved health outcomes for the patient and career satisfaction for the provider. The Science of Hope is empowering your patients to change their lives. It’s reducing their blood pressure and diabetes medications and reversing diseases thought to be irreversible. It’s watching your patients’ lives transform as they regain the ability to walk, or run, or play with their children. It’s the feeling of gratification from doing what you love to do—treat patients.

Our president, Wendy Scinta, MD, MS, FOMA, described the Science of Hope best in her recent address to hundreds of clinicians at our spring conference.

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The Science of Hope is at the core of what we do at the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA). Whether you’re in primary care or specialized practice, membership in OMA will provide you with the tools to effectively treat obesity in your practice. With our extensive network of evidence-based education and expertise, we support your important role in improving the health of your patients.

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