July OMA Member Highlight

Published Date: June 28, 2023

OMA Member Highlight

Initially, Kabir Harricharan Singh, MD became a member to get a discount on attending the Spring 2017 OMA Conference in Seattle, but once he realized all the benefits that come with being a member, he knew he had to keep renewing his membership to try and get the most out of it. He currently works at the University of Tennessee Primary Care in Sevierville, TN. The OMA has allowed him many opportunities to meet people from all parts of the country and not only learn about different ways to care for his patients but has allowed him to create some fun relationships with several amazing people. He says it makes attending the conferences more fun because they get to reconnect in person! 

He is a fan of many of the OMA’s resources and notes how helpful they can be. He says, “the webinars are PHENOMENAL and having access to them for free makes them even better. Also, the Obesity Algorithm is such useful tool and having access to the eBook means I can use it regardless of wherever I am.” He plans on attending the Fall 2023 conference in San Antonio, TX to learn new information from experts in the field of obesity and to network with other obesity medicine practitioners. 

Dr. Harricharan Singh is a part of the membership committee this year. He has really enjoyed his time on the OMA Committees because it’s allowed him to play an active role in making a change in the field of obesity medicine on a national level. 

For those starting out in obesity medicine, Dr. Harricharan Singh notes:  

“Obesity Medicine is a very rewarding field in which to practice. By actively participating in the activities the OMA offers, my knowledge, confidence, and ability to care for patients with obesity has increased. If you’re new to the field of Obesity Medicine, definitely join the OMA and try to attend at least one live conference because everyone there is very willing to help you out in any way you need/want!”

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