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The Obesity Medicine Association is the largest clinical obesity organization in the U.S., composed of more than 1,800 physicians and health care professionals dedicated to preventing, treating, and reversing the disease of obesity. Build a rewarding and satisfying career in obesity medicine by becoming a member of the Obesity Medicine Association.

We offer education and resources to help you implement evidence-based treatments in your practice; networking opportunities, so you always have an expert to ask about complicated cases you encounter in practice; and advocacy opportunities, where you can take part in our efforts to expand coverage of obesity treatment services. View the full list of career-boosting member benefits.

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Physician | $475 per year

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Available to any physician legally practicing under and holding a qualified allopathic degree (MD) or osteopathic degree (DO) and practicing in the United States. Physician members must also have an active and current state medical license.

Physician members are eligible to vote, hold elected office, and chair committees. Physician members are also listed on

International Physician | $475 per year

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Available to any physician who holds a medical degree from another country that is equivalent to an MD or DO degree.

International physician members are eligible to vote but not hold elected office.

Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant | $325 per year

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Available to any nurse practitioner or physician assistant who has completed an accredited NP or PA program and/or maintains certification with an approved national certifying body. Nurse practitioner and physician assistant members must also have an active and current state license.

Nurse practitioner and physician assistant members are eligible to vote but not hold elected office. Nurse practitioner and physician assistant members are eligible to chair committees and are listed on

Associate | $250 per year

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Available to any health care professional who is not a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant and who holds a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in a field supportive of obesity medicine. International individuals with equivalent credentials or degrees may also apply for associate membership.

Associate members are eligible to vote but not hold elected office.

Clinician in Training | $25 per year

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Available to any individual currently enrolled in a medical school, residency program, internship, fellowship program, nursing school, or other medical professional training program. Clinicians in training must provide verification of being enrolled in such a program prior to membership activation (i.e., program ID card, letter from a program director, or dated screenshot showing the applicant on a program website).

Clinician in Training members are not eligible to vote or hold elected office.

Retired Physician | $125 per year

Email OMA or call 303.770.2526 to apply
Available to any physician who has been an active physician member of OMA for at least 10 consecutive years and is completely retired from active practice.

Benefits of Membership

These are just a few of the benefits our members enjoy most! View the full list of valuable member benefits.


Learn directly from the clinical experiences of other members in this private discussion forum on LinkedIn. Post pressing questions and receive immediate answers, find solutions to complicated cases, and share clinical tips and resources.

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Stay up to speed on tried-and-true treatment and business practices. This program, currently offered only at conferences, connects experienced clinicians whith those newer to the field to provide advice and guidance for building a career in obesity medicine.

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Attract patients and increase referrals to your practice with a free listing in our clinician directory at Your listing includes your location, phone number, website, and whether you are a diplomate of ABOM or a Fellow of OMA.

*Physician, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant members only.

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Customize your education and access the entire on-demand library of CME, ABOM exam prep materials, handouts, and other practical resources on the Obesity Medicine Academy at a discounted rate.

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Attend the leading clinical obesity conferences at a special discounted rate. Conferences are the BEST place for education on the latest cutting-edge obesity treatment approaches and networking with practicing obesity medicine clinicians.

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Access free on-demand education in the Obesity Medicine Academy’s historical archives. The materials available are some of the favorites from years past, and while you can no longer claim CME credit, you will still find the education useful and applicable in your practice.

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Join a committee — the best way to make an impact and gain leadership experience. Collaborate on projects to raise awareness about obesity medicine and promote coverage of obesity treatment services.

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Participate in advocacy efforts geared toward increasing awareness of obesity as a chronic disease and improving access to and coverage of medical obesity treatment services on both the state and federal levels.

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