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Obesity Treatment & Physical Activity Education Bundle

Find key learnings relating obesity treatment and physical activity when you join OMA by using the discount code MEMBERSHIP-JUN24 by June 30, 2024. In addition to the 5% savings on the membership fee you'll receive a bundle of education courses from the OMA Academy focused on understanding the role that physical activity plays in obesity medicine worth 5 CME/CE.

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Beyond the Burn: Why Physical Activity is Essential for Health – 1 CME/CE

Discuss why physical activity is crucial for health and well-being, especially since the development of newer highly effective anti-obesity medications.

Activity for Health and Weight Loss – 1 CME/CE

Delve into the latest recommendations for physical activity, including duration, intensity, and frequency, and discuss their impact on weight management

The Role of Physical Activity in Weight Maintenance and Health – 1 CME/CE

Beyond its role in weight loss, uncover key role that physical activity plays in weight maintenance and health.

Exercise in Metabolic Health and Weight Loss – 1 CME/CE

Explore the anti-inflammatory effects of exercise and improvement of metabolic health seen in exercise notably the effects on visceral adipose tissue and insulin resistance.

Improving Physical Activity in People with Obesity and Physical Limitations – 1 CME/CE

Evaluate patient physical limitations caused by obesity and develop strategies to adapt individual physical activity plans for patients.

The education bundle including the 5 courses listed above (5 CME/CE total) will be added to your OMA Academy account within 2 weeks of purchasing your new OMA membership with discount code MEMBERSHIP-JUN24.

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The Obesity Medicine Association is the largest clinical obesity organization in the U.S., composed of more than 5,400 physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other healthcare providers dedicated to preventing, treating, and reversing the disease of obesity.

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