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Find obesity treatment with a trained physician or health care provider. Search the Obesity Medicine Association’s member directory for an obesity medicine clinician in your area.

Find a Clinician

Members of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) are physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health care providers who have received specialized training to treat obesity and obesity-related conditions.

What Is an Obesity Medicine Clinician?

For many people, seeing an obesity medicine clinician is more effective than any other attempts at weight loss. Obesity medicine clinicians are specially trained to treat obesity and obesity-related conditions using evidence-based approaches.

Obesity medicine clinicians treat obesity as a disease. Because so many different factors contribute to obesity, obesity medicine clinicians develop personalized treatment plans comprised of nutrition, physical activity, behavior therapy, and medication.

What Is an ABOM Diplomate?

When searching OMA’s clinician directory to find obesity treatment, you have the option to select “ABOM Diplomate.” This is a physician who has completed at least 60 hours of obesity-specific education and passed the American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM) certification exam.

What Is a Fellow of OMA?

When searching OMA’s clinician directory to find obesity treatment, you also have the option to select “Fellow of OMA.” Fellows are OMA member physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the practice of obesity medicine. They have completed at least 75 hours of advanced training in obesity medicine.