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Overcoming Obesity Conference 2023

October 25-29, 2023 | San Antonio, TX

Pre-Conference Courses | October 25 -26

  • Building an Obesity Treatment Plan: Advanced Cases
  • Culinary Medicine Workshop

Fall Obesity Conference | October 27-29

Expand Your Knowledge of Obesity Medicine

  • Explore treatment options for patients with diverse backgrounds and medical conditions 
  • Understand a variety of clinical applications for anti-obesity medications both on and off label
  • Explore how to specifically treat women, pediatric patients and others in special populations  
  • Discuss how to effectively explain the prior authorization process to patients
  • Identify the key classes of weight-inducing psychiatric medications
  • Describe the physiological and behavioral opposition to the maintenance of weight loss
  • Analyze screening guidelines and diagnostic testing for NAFLD
  • Explore a variety of nutritional plan options for patients with obesity
  • Understand the impact of metabolic/bariatric surgery on many co-morbidities