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The OMA Obesity Summit (OMASummit24) Conference Terms and Conditions

Wild Dunes Resort | Isle of Palms, SC | October 24-26, 2024

Registration Policies

  • Registration payment is due in full at time of registration. Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) will not be required to provide any services until OMA has been paid in full. Attendees must be 18 years or older. Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to register nor accompany registered attendees to event functions.
  • Upon receipt of your paid registration, you will receive a receipt for your purchase and confirmation email with more conference details.
  • Registration is non-transferable.
  • CME/CE LIVE credit may differ for live attendance versus on-demand viewing of sessions. See the Accreditation page for more information and contact with questions.
  • CME/CE must be claimed by November 26, 2024, for in-person attendance at OMASummit24. Live credit will not be awarded after this date.
  • Purchase of the conference registration + first-time membership bundle option is available only to first-time members. New membership will not be processed for individuals eligible to rejoin or renew.
  • Only registered attendees have access to online educational sessions, breaks, meals, receptions, exhibit hall and/or related activities.
  • Companies exhibiting with one or more representatives registered for the event are not permitted to promote their companies, products, or services in or during the education sessions.
  • No personal audio or videotaping is allowed.
  • Program details are subject to change.
  • Registrants' physical mailing addresses are shared with exhibitors for a pre- and post-conference mailing. To opt out from having your mailing address shared with exhibitors, submit a request to
  • Exhibitors may request your information on their company page listing or by use of lead retrieval. By allowing this, you agree to share your name, email and phone number with the exhibiting company.

Event Cancellation by OMA

OMA reserves the right to cancel an event due to (1) low enrollment, (2) failure, delay, disruption or malfunction of the internet or any communication network, utility or communications failures or outages (including electrical, telecommunications, or internet service) or failure or delay in receiving electronic data; (3) equipment error, human error or data entry errors, or (4) earthquake, flood, tsunami/tidal wave, lightning, hurricane, tornado, blizzard, or other acts of God; labor disputes, strikes, shortages of materials, rationing; war, acts of terrorism, revolution, civil commotion, acts of public enemies, blockade, embargo, or any law, order, proclamation, regulation, ordinance, demand, or requirement having legal effect of any regulatory authority or other competent governmental or judicial body, agency, or authority; COVID-19, pandemic or infectious disease; or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable, impossible, inadvisable, illegal or commercially impracticable, as determined in OMA’s sole and absolute discretion. If OMA cancels an event, attendees will be offered a refund. Should circumstances arise that result in the postponement of an event, OMA has the right to either issue a refund or transfer registration to the same event at the new, future date. OMA will not be responsible for reimbursement of any participant’s expenses related to the cancellation or postponement of an event.

Attendee Cancellation Fee

In-Person Conference: A $100 cancellation fee is deducted for any cancellations received prior to September 24, 2024. Refunds are not granted for cancellations received after September 24, 2024 (30 days prior to in-person event), or for no-shows, without exception. If a ‘registration + first-time membership’ bundle is purchased, only the registration portion of attendee’s payment is refundable. Registration is non-transferable.


Should OMA offer to provide a refund under the terms of this Agreement for any reason, OMA may retain such part of the registration fees as shall be required to cover OMA for its expenses and obligations related to the event.

Consent to the Use of Photographic Images

In consideration of being allowed to participate in the OMA Obesity Summit 2024 conference, the attendee (“Attendee”) hereby grants OMA and its partners, authorized contractors and assigns: (1) full and unconditional permission to make still or motion pictures and any other type(s) of audio, video or visual recordings of Attendee’s activities and participation in OMASummit24 events, at the site of the events, and before, during and after the events; and (2) the exclusive, worldwide and perpetual rights to use the same, together with the name, likeness and biography of Attendee, its agents, employees and assigns, along with the names, likenesses and data of, or relating to, Attendee, and display, for publicity, advertising, endorsements, promotion and any other kind or type of use or exploitations, whether or not for profit, in print, audio, video, and other communications media by reproduction and sale or other distribution by any and all means now known or hereafter developed.

Attendee Code of Conduct

Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) reserves the right to remove an individual from the conference at its sole discretion (including without warning or refund) if it is determined that participation or behavior creates a disruption or hinders the event. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, behavior or comments that are defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, discriminatory or that in any way fail to comply with these guidelines. Attendee shall pay all expenses and damages that OMA may incur thereby.

OMA seeks to avoid antitrust violations in connection with its activities, so participants should avoid engaging in conduct that gives even the appearance of an impermissible conversation, agreement, alliance, or impropriety. Discussions among attendees, speakers, exhibitors, board members, and staff must be kept free of even the suggestion of restraint of trade or the selection of suppliers, customers, or prices.

Attendees are expected to avoid any inappropriate actions or statements based on individual characteristics such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, marital status, nationality, political affiliation/beliefs, ability status, educational background, professional position or any other characteristic protected by law. Disruptive or harassing behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. Harassing conduct includes, but is not limited to: unlawful harassment, sexual harassment, suggestive, inappropriate or aggressive, intimidating behavior and language, derogatory comments, epithets, slurs or negative stereotyping; threatening, intimidating or hostile acts; denigrating jokes or comments; offensive or sexually oriented images; and written, electronic, or graphic material that denigrates or shows hostility or aversion toward an individual or group and that take place during an online conference, webinar, social media network, or networking experience. Promoting or encouraging any of the above behavior is likewise prohibited.

Violations of this code of conduct should be reported to the OMA Executive Director onsite or using To the extent possible, OMA will endeavor to keep the reporting concerns confidential; however, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

  • Sanctions for violating this Code of Conduct may include, but is not limited to, verbal warning, being denied access to the remainder of the meeting, to notifying appropriate authorities.

OMA reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary and appropriate, including immediate removal from any OMA participation iteration without warning or refund, in response to any incident of unacceptable behavior, and OMA reserves the right to prohibit attendance at any future meeting, online or in person. If there is a question of immediate danger, action may be taken to ensure the safety of all participants regardless of any procedure that may follow.

Any attendee requested to stop any unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately. Attendee agrees to comply with and be bound by all laws of the United States and the State of South Carolina, all ordinances of the City of Isle of Palms, and wherever applicable, all rules and regulations of the police department and fire department and those policies and criteria established by the venue(s) of the OMASummit24 events, and all applicable rules and policies regarding vaccines, COVID-19 and/or other diseases and public health concerns, including but not limited to those of OMA.

Limitation of Liability

The liability of OMA shall be limited by the terms and conditions appearing in this agreement. IN NO EVENT SHALL OMA BE LIABLE UNDER THIS AGREEMENT FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL, AND/OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, EVEN IF THE PARTIES HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. The maximum extent of OMA’s liability shall be the amount of the registration fee paid by attendee.

Intellectual Property Rights

OMA reserves all title and all other rights in or to the presentations, materials, and any related documentation (including all Intellectual Property Rights) provided during OMASummit24 (“Intellectual Property Rights”). Nothing contained in this Agreement will (directly or indirectly) be construed to assign or grant attendee any right, title, or interest in and to the Intellectual Property Rights except as may specifically provided in writing by OMA.

NO AUDIO OR VIDEO RECORDING OF THE PROGRAM BY ANY PARTY OTHER THAN OMA IS PERMITTED. This includes, but is not limited to screenshotting, framing, and live streaming.


Attendee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold the OMA Parties harmless from and against any and all claims for damages, injuries, losses, liabilities and expenses relating to, resulting from or arising out of attendee’s attendance at or participation in OMASummit24, including but not limited to the negligence of OMA Parties, but not the gross negligence or willful misconduct of OMA Parties.

These terms and conditions, including, without limitation, all waivers and releases herein, shall be construed broadly. If any part of any provision of these terms and conditions, including, without limitation, the waivers and releases herein, shall be invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, said part shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability only, without in any way affecting the remaining parts of said provision or the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Colorado without reference to or application of its rules governing conflicts of law. In addition, all disputes arising under this Agreement shall be resolved in any state or federal court in the State of Colorado that properly has subject matter jurisdiction and venue with respect to such a lawsuit, and attendee agrees, solely for purposes of this Agreement, to submit to the personal jurisdiction of that court.

Attendees affirm and acknowledge any registrations will only be accessed by the registered individual. The warranty of this registration is unique to the registered individual and at no point can login credentials, ownership, or program content be shared or broadcasted to outside stakeholders.