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Throughout the year, OMA will offer accredited, live obesity webinars, focusing on three primary target areas: clinical obesity treatment applications, leadership and practice management, and reimbursement. These live obesity webinars will help you learn critical skills for developing yourself as an obesity medicine clinician, a business-savvy professional, and an effective leader.

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March 20 @ 12:00 PM (Eastern)
Eating Patterns for Weight Management


Review the effects of eating patterns on weight and overall health. Explore practical implications for designing a nutritional treatment strategy for patients with obesity.


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SPEAKER: Marie-Pierre St-Onge, PhD

The overall focus of Dr. St-Onge’s research is the study of the impact of lifestyle, specifically sleep and
diet, on cardio-metabolic risk factors. She conducts innovative, cutting-edge clinical research combining
her expertise on sleep, nutrition, and energy balance regulation to address questions relating to the role
of circadian rhythms, including sleep duration and timing and meal timing, on cardio-metabolic risk.

Recorded Webinars

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Insurance Reimbursement (4 CME/CE)

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Learn how to properly, effectively, and efficiently code patient visits to maximize your reimbursement. See real-life examples from obesity medicine specialists illustrating how to chart and code patient visits for obesity treatment.

Leadership and Business Management (6 CME/CE)

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Find the balance between providing exceptional patient care and running a successful practice. This series focuses on organizational culture, staff development and retention, cost management, operational effectiveness, and managing transition to meet the demands of a growing practice and provide quality care to your patients.

Bias and ACTION: Overcoming Barriers to Effective Obesity Care (1 CME/CE)

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Review the results of the ACTION study, which examined perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors related to obesity management and identified barriers to care. Learn how to overcome these barriers in your own practice and improve patient care.

Motivational Interviewing: What, Why, and How (1 CME/CE)

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Incorporate the fundamentals of motivational interviewing into your patient appointments.

The Obesity Paradox (1 CME/CE)

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Why do some data show that body mass index (BMI) in the overweight range (generally) may confer lower mortality? Learn about the obesity paradox and its practical implications, including the advantages and disadvantages of using BMI as a measurement tool for diagnosing overweight and obesity.

Using Telemedicine for Pediatric Obesity Management (1 CME/CE)

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Implement and expand your practice’s reach to pediatric populations through telemedicine. This webinar discusses policies, strategies, technology, and resources for implementing a telemedicine practice through a case study of a pilot telemedicine project in rural Maine.

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