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May 4, 2021

Weight Can’t Wait: STOP Obesity Alliance Releases New Obesity Treatment Guide

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The U.S. adult obesity rate has surpassed 40%. To help address this important issue, the STOP Obesity Alliance has released a new obesity treatment guide. “Weight Can’t Wait: A Guide for the Management of Obesity in Primary Care” provides short, accessible, and practical information on effective obesity management.

In a series of roundtables convened by the STOP Obesity Alliance, representatives from health care provider organizations and obesity experts met to discuss obesity management in the primary care setting. A new article about the roundtable meetings and development of the “Weight Can’t Wait” guide has recently been published in the journal Obesity. The guide was reviewed and endorsed by the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) and 10 other organizations that participated in the convenings.

“Weight Can’t Wait: A Guide to Discussing Obesity and Organizing Treatment in the Primary Care Setting in Obesity” can be found in the May Issue of the journal Obesity here.

The STOP Obesity Alliance has also released a new video of Dr. Dietz walking through the “Weight Can’t Wait” guide from pre-encounter to encounter to post-encounter. The final product, new video, a curated list of resources, and an encounter flow chart, can be found on STOP’s website here.