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August 23, 2023

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Overcoming Obesity 2023 

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We are just over two months away from Overcoming Obesity 2023. This one-of-a-kind conference, happening Oct 25-29 in San Antonio, TX, is the perfect opportunity to come together with fellow obesity medicine experts, healthcare professionals, and others dedicated to addressing the disease of obesity. OMA hopes to have you join us and is here for just a few reasons you should attend Overcoming Obesity 2023!

1. Cutting-edge Research and Insights

The Overcoming Obesity 2023 Conference will be a hub of groundbreaking research and insights into the latest advancements in obesity medicine. Renowned researchers, clinicians, and thought leaders will present their findings on various topics, including the latest scientific breakthroughs, innovative treatment modalities, and emerging trends in obesity management. Attending these sessions will provide attendees with access to valuable knowledge that can inform their practices, ultimately improving outcomes for their patients with obesity.

2. Hands-On Education Opportunities

In addition to the Overcoming Obesity 2023 conference, on Oct 27-29, OMA is offering two additional courses on Oct 25-26. These two courses were designed to provide attendees with interactive education to advance skills in treating obesity. The Building An Obesity Treatment Plan: Advanced Cases course uses real-life cases to practice building individualized treatment plans from start to finish. The Culinary Medicine Workshop course attendees will participate in hands-on cooking demonstrations and cooking challenges. Participants will receive several recommended resources to learn more about integrating teaching kitchens into clinical practice.

3. Networking and Collaboration

One of the most significant advantages of attending conferences is the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for tackling obesity. The Overcoming Obesity 2023 Conference will bring together a diverse group of attendees, including healthcare practitioners, researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives. Engaging in meaningful conversations, participating in post-conference activities, sharing experiences, and forging collaborations can lead to the development of innovative solutions and partnerships that extend beyond the conference.

4. Comprehensive Educational Sessions

The conference is designed to cater to a broad audience, offering various educational sessions tailored to various interests and levels of expertise. From sessions covering industry news and the four pillars of obesity treatment to panel discussions and case studies, attendees can customize their learning experience. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the field, you’ll find sessions that align with your professional development goals and interests.

5. Inspiration and Empowerment

Overcoming obesity requires a multi-faceted approach, often involving behavioral changes, emotional support, and a shift in mindset. The conference goes beyond medical approaches to addressing the emotional and psychological aspects of obesity. Attendees will be inspired by success stories, motivational talks, and empowering discussions that remind us of the transformative impact that individuals and communities can make when united in a common goal.

From cutting-edge research to practical clinical insights and education, Overcoming Obesity 2023 provides a wealth of knowledge that can shape the future of obesity medicine. By bringing together experts, professionals, and advocates from various disciplines, this conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired. Whether you’re a healthcare provider looking to enhance your practice, a researcher seeking the latest advancements, or an individual passionate about overcoming obesity, this conference will help us to be one step closer to overcoming the disease of obesity.

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