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OMA Member Story: A Career Defining Moment

In the realm of medicine, finding one's niche can be a transformative experience. For Natalie Ikeman, PA-C, being part of OMA not only marked a pivotal moment in her career but opened doors to a community where she truly belongs.

A few years ago, Natalie attended her first OMA conference, and it was a revelation. "I feel like I have finally found my people," she thought. She described obesity medicine as a unique corner of medicine; often dismissed, ignored and misunderstood.

The conferences hosted by OMA played a crucial role in Natalie's professional journey. She said, "The education that I receive coming to conferences and being involved in the community is incredible". This education, distinct from what traditional schooling offered, became the foundation upon which Natalie practices medicine.

Connecting with like-minded professionals was facilitated by OMA's various networking opportunities. Natalie highlighted the significance of building a support group within her state: a network of individuals who share experiences and provide valuable insights. The sense of community fostered by OMA extended beyond the conferences, creating a space where questions are welcome and experiences are shared.

Two specific member benefits stood out for Natalie in her journey with OMA: the Obesity Algorithm ®, with its highly detailed and organized mass of information, was an invaluable resource in guiding Natalie through the complex landscape of obesity treatment. The mentorship program allowed her to learn more about the profession and network with peers.

Natalie shared, “Not only are OMA conferences highly education and extremely inspirational, but I also get to meet some amazing influential people in Obesity Medicine.”