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May 30, 2023

June OMA Member Highlight

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Allan Damian, MD, D-ABOM, joined in 2019 and currently practices in Mount Vernon, WA. Dr. Damian became a member because the OMA has a vast collection of resources for information – from medical guidelines to educational articles. He has used most of the modules/ webinars for his initial ABOM Certification and found it helpful. Apart from this, there are many opportunities for networking. Through the OMA he has been able to establish connections with fellow obesity medicine practitioners to discuss difficult patient cases and learn more about practice management.

He has found the webinars and algorithms to be the most useful benefit of the OMA. He says the conferences are most helpful in staying up to date about medications, novel ways of managing obesity, and learning about new research.

In his experience on the Pediatric Committee, he found it interesting to know that as much as they are a diverse group, particularly in terms of geography, they all face many of the same problems in dealing with patients and their insurers.

For those starting out in obesity medicine, Dr. Damian notes:

It is a fulfilling practice, and now is an exciting time to be involved. It is a young field of medicine for a very old problem. Part of the practice of obesity medicine is seeing habits and traditions in a new light while being mindful of their effects on the body.