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Get to know Chelsea Wiltjer Yost, MD!

Chelsea Wiltjer Yost, MD, is a Medical Director & Obesity Medicine Specialist for Emory Bariatric Center and Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine.

“My name is Chelsea Wiltjer Yost, and I am an internal medicine trained physician currently working as the Obesity Medicine specialist and Medical Director for the Emory Bariatric Center in Atlanta. I have been an OMA member for two years and have benefited greatly from a networking, advocacy and education standpoint.

I have attended the National OMA conference and highly recommend anyone interested in learning about Obesity as a chronic disease to attend!

I am an active member of the OMA Advocacy Committee and have enjoyed participating and learning from my colleagues in the committee. Advocacy holds a special place in my heart, especially when it comes to advancing obesity care nationally as well as locally in Georgia. Having mentorship in this area has been very special to me and I encourage anyone starting out in Obesity Medicine to form relationships with others who can help guide their interests.

Going to an OMA conference is a great place to start your journey when learning about Obesity Medicine!”