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December 7, 2022

A Guide to Obesity Prevention and the Outcomes

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Nermeen Asham, BScN, RN, and the Obesity Medicine Association have created an infographic guide for Obesity Prevention and the Outcomes. It is intended to be a resource for healthcare professionals and patients to provide a preventative approach to overcoming pre-obesity and obesity in kids, teens, and adults.

This guide was created to depict the effect of obesity prevention on health outcomes. It shows the importance of screening for this serious and costly chronic medical condition in kids, teens, and adults. Screening, monitoring, and treatment of obesity require a comprehensive and evidence-based approach because it is a complex multifactorial disease. This resource was created because not many healthcare professionals focus on obesity prevention. Comprehensive obesity screening is necessary for early detection of pre-obesity and obesity to [1] help reduce or eliminate the risk of developing other chronic medical conditions or [2] treat obesity early before it progresses.

The infographic can be used as a resource for OMA members as well as patients. It can be used as a poster in a physician’s or provider’s office or as a flyer to be given to patients.

Obesity Prevention and the Outcomes Infographic

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Headshot of Nermeen (Nina) Asham, BScN, RN. She is wearing a white coat with a stethoscope around her neck and sitting in front of a tree.

Nermeen (Nina) Asham, BScN, RN

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