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Audiovisual Policy


All course presentations will be controlled from the Audio Visual Specialist’s area, with the exception of the capability of forwarding/reversing slides.

A large screen displaying speaker slides will be visible from the podium. Speakers will NOT have access to an actual laptop. Speakers will ONLY be able to forward (or reverse) slides from the podium.

Pointer use is discouraged as there are usually multiple screens and recordings do not capture what is pointed out. Speakers are encouraged to highlight key points in the presentation by simply repeating slides with the points circled in red or otherwise highlighted.

Speakers MAY NOT use their own computers.

PowerPoint Slide Format

The association requires that all PowerPoint presentations be submitted in Widescreen format (16:9) – this is done in the Design tab in the Slide Size section. Presentations not submitted in this format will be changed by OMA staff and/or the onsite Audio Visual Specialist.

Speakers are also strongly encouraged to adhere to the generally-accepted PPT rules (i.e., no more than six bullets per slide, no more than seven words per bullet, and font size minimum of 18).

OMA will provide a PowerPoint template that must be used for the presentation.


No content changes are allowed after the content submission deadline. However, if you have noticed some typos or other minor changes that have no bearing on the content, you may make those slight changes by contacting OMA CME staff onsite.

Speakers who wish to include videos in their presentations MUST send files one week prior to the PPT deadline for approval, and make a tech appointment to review them onsite.

Tech Appointments

NOTE: Acceptable changes will be limited to correcting typos and fixing formatting. Actual educational content MAY NOT BE CHANGED.

Faculty may not approach audio-visual / recording staff directly. All contact must be arranged via OMA CME staff. CME staff will arrange a time and place for you to review and make minor changes.