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OMA Media Policy

Approved Spokespersons

Only upon specific authorization by OMA’s Executive Director (or their designee) may members of the OMA Board of Trustees or OMA staff speak with the media as a representative and/or on behalf of OMA. Each instance of authorization applies only to the specific media inquiry for which permission is granted by the Executive Director (or their designee). An authorized OMA spokesperson must agree to speak only in agreement with OMA guidelines and/or policies as necessary and when related to the purpose of the interview.

OMA members may participate in media interviews to express their own personal views, or the views of their companies or employers. In such circumstances, care should be taken to label the viewpoint expressed in such a way that it can only be construed as a personal or outside view. Specifically, these interviewees are required to state to interviewers that they are speaking about their own opinions and not necessarily that of OMA.

If OMA receives media requests for comments related to its policy matters or position statements, the assigned interviewee must be either an official staff spokesperson or OMA Board of Trustee member, designated by the Board for such media requests.

Media Inquiries

OMA will respond to information requests and media inquiries from legitimate news sources, within its capacity to do so. All requests and inquiries will be evaluated on an individual basis; OMA reserves the right to refuse to supply certain confidential and/or other information, issue statements or make representatives available for media interviews when such actions do not serve to further OMA’s reputation and professional interests. This may include but is not limited to providing sources or commenting on requests regarding non-evidenced-based medicine and/or aesthetic weight-loss procedures/practices. In situations where the topic could be construed as controversial, OMA staff will consult with a Board-appointed media reviewer and an advocacy advisor, if applicable, prior to contacting possible interviewees.

Dissemination of Media Information

OMA distributes press materials to all legitimate and relevant consumer and industry media (print, broadcast, and electronic) equally and without prejudice, except in cases, as determined from time to time, in which media exclusivity is requested by or offered to a journalist.

Conference Media Coverage

Working journalists who are interested in reporting on OMA events, including conferences, awards ceremonies, or Obesity Medicine Fundamentals courses, may be eligible to attend those events at no cost by sending a written request for press credentials. All requests for media pass credentials will be granted on an individual basis, taking into consideration the purpose of the event; the media outlet’s editorial focus, influence, and reach; the subject matter and extent of the planned coverage; and the degree to which media attendance will impact event operations and/or the experience and participation of event attendees.

Media representatives granted press passes to OMA events are not permitted to attend meal functions or after-hours events, or to enter the exhibit hall. Taping or video recording lectures is not allowed. In the event of complaints about the behavior exhibited by a media representative, that representative may be asked to turn in his/her press pass and leave the conference.

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