Candidate Profile: Angela K. Golden, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP

Angela K. Golden, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP
Running for: Trustee (NP/PA Seat)
Nomination by committee

Dr. Golden, provided the following information on her application for the Trustee position (NP/PA seat). Click on the gray boxes below to expand and view her responses. Click here to view the election campaign rules. Click here to view the conflict of interest policy and disclosure rules.

  • OMA Committee Involvement
    • NP/PA Committee, Member, 2016-2018
    • CME Planning Committee, Member, 2020-Present
    • CME Overview Committee, Member, Chairperson, 2018-2020; 2021
    • Obesity Algorithm Committee, Member, 2020; 2021
  • Involvement in Other Professional Societies or Associations
    • The Obesity Society, Serving on Clinical Committee previously Education Committee
    • Arizona Obesity Organization, Vice President, 2019-Present
    • American Association of Nurse Practitioners, member since 1996; Az State Representative, 2000-2003; Region 9 Director, 2003 - 2009; PAC governor, 2004- 2011; Secretary 2010; President-Elect, 2011-2012; President, 2012-2014; Immediate Past President, 2012-2014; Co-CHair Specialty Practice Group (Obesity), 2017-Present. 
    • Arizona Nurse Practitioner Council,  Member, 1998- Present; served as Legislative Chair, Secretary, Vice President, President
  • Other Professional Activities
    • Bays, H.E., McCarthy, W., Burridge, K., Tondt, J., Karjoo, S., Christensen, S., Ng, J., Golden, A., Davisson, L., & Richardson, L. (2021). Obesity Algorithm eBook, presented by the Obesity Medicine Association.
    • Golden, A. (2020). Treating Obesity in Primary Care. Springer.
    • Fruh, S.M., Golden, A., Minchew, L.A., Graves, R.J., Platt, T.H., Hall, H.R., Williams, S.G., Mehari, 2019 K., Sims, B.M., Hauff, C., & Cheese, C. (2019). Competency in obesity management: An Educational intervention study with nurse practitioner students. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, 31, 734-740,; 10/2020
    • Blueprint for Treating Obesity: Arizona Obesity Organization: Live Virtual Event: Overview of Foundation of Obesity Treatment, Documentation of
      Obesity Management in a Clinical Setting: The Nitty Gritty, Intensification or Treatment: Pharmacotherapy for Obesity. Panels: Individualizing Obesity Care, Different Obesity Medicine Practice Models; 09/2020
  • What do you envision as the top 3 goals or objectives that are most important for OMA in the next 5 years and why?
    1. Continue the strategic work that has been done to provide the best evidence-based resources for obesity specialists.
    2. OMA should be assisting all health care professions to learn about obesity as a disease (not weight management) while demonstrating that OMA is THE organization to assist HCPs with learning EBP obesity treatment.
    3. I believe that OMA needs to continue reaching out to all primary care provider organizations to create collaborations to improve education for treating obesity in primary care.
  • How do you think your talents and skills will best serve the OMA and its members?

    I think one of the greatest strengths I bring is my breadth of leadership in volunteer organizations with my understanding of governance. My philosophy of leadership is a servant leader, this philosophy is grounded in creating new leaders and that is in line with growing the membership of OMA. My graduate degree in education will be beneficial for providing leadership in the educational objective of OMA. I have also served in many advocacy roles in other organizations and am currently with obesity as a volunteer in the STAR program.  All of these will provide leadership for OMAs goals and objectives.

  • List 3 reasons why you wish to serve on the Board of Trustees and explain why they will be an asset to the OMA.
    1. I believe the position of an NP or PA on the board demonstrates how OMA is moving to an inclusive provider organization.
    2. I am so passionate about evidence-based care for patients with obesity and this is the organization that I believe can make this happen across specialties beyond obesity medicine specialists.
    3. Every provider I have met at OMA has been so helpful with the vision of caring for patients using evidence-based practice. I want to continue that mission of the members.
  • In what ways do you think OMA could improve and why?

    I believe that OMA can improve by continuing to be inclusive of all providers that are treating the chronic disease of obesity. I would like to see OMA doing more collaboration with primary care organizations to recognize obesity is too great a problem, with too many patients, to be treated only by specialists. OMA must be the expert organization to provide primary care with needed education.

  • Disclosures

    Disclosure of Actual or Potential Conflicts of Interest occurring within 1 year of the date of this form and within the foreseeable future:

    • Novo Nordisk; Speaker Free, Consultant Fee; Promotional Speaker- obesity, Advisory Board, Consultant; 02/2021
    • Acella; Speaker Free, Consultant Fee; Advisory Board - Thyroid, Promotional Speaker - Thyroid; 8/2020
    • Scynexis; Consultant Fee; Advisory Board - Candida vaginitis; 11/2020
    • Hisamitsu; Consultant Fee; Advisory Board - pain; 12/2020
    • Gelesis; Consultant Fee; Advisory Board - obesity; 03/2021
    • Currax; Consultant Fee; Advisory Board-obesity; 04/2021

    Disclosure of ANY interests that could possibly result in a Conflict of Interest in the future with OMA, such as an ownership interest in any business, stock/bond holdings, a grant, an employment relationship, or consultative or advisory arrangement, etc.:

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    Disclosure of involvement / relationships with other similar or competitive associations / societies which represent interests of obesity medicine clinicians (please specify your level of involvement, i.e. board member, committee leader, committee member, general member, etc.):

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