About Obesity Medicine Association

We are the clinical leaders in obesity medicine who work to advance the prevention, treatment, and reversal of the disease of obesity.

Who We Are

The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) is the largest organization of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health care providers working every day to improve the lives of patients affected by obesity. OMA members are the clinical experts in obesity medicine. They use a comprehensive, scientific, and individualized approach when treating obesity, which helps patients achieve their health and weight goals.

What We Do

OMA offers resources, education, and community to physicians and other health care providers in the field of obesity medicine.

OMA has memberships available for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and other health care providers, as well as medical students, residents, fellows, and other clinicians-in-training. We equip our members with the best resources to help them deliver evidence-based obesity treatments, provide optimal patient care, and build a rewarding career in obesity medicine. We foster collaborative relationships and promote the sharing of information to enrich the learning experience. Learn more about membership, or view the bylaws that govern our association.

OMA offers unique, accredited educational opportunities on topics related to the clinical treatment of obesity and the practice of obesity medicine. Our education spans all levels, for those looking for ways to treat obesity more effectively in primary care to those practicing obesity medicine full time. Our clinical expertise extends across the continuum of care, from diagnosis to maintenance, and includes our four treatment pillars: nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication. Learn more about upcoming events.

OMA supports national and state-level advocacy efforts to increase access to and coverage of obesity treatment services to patients affected by obesity. We belong to the Obesity Care Continuum and the Obesity Care Advocacy Network. We also hold a seat in the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates and host an Obesity Caucus biannually at AMA meetings.

Our Four Pillars

Four pillars of obesity medicine: nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication

Our four pillars of clinical obesity treatment are nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication. These pillars are represented in the four colors in our logo. When combined and personalized, treatment plans involving the four pillars help patients lose weight and achieve better overall health.

Contact Us

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