Obesity Algorithm®

Algorithm CoverThe Obesity Algorithm, presented by OMA, helps clinicians navigate the various steps involved in treating patients affected by overweight or obesity. This educational tool offers health care providers an overview of principles that are necessary to consider when evaluating patients and implementing personalized treatment plans. Within these plans are options for nutrition strategies, exercise prescription, behavior modification, weight-management medications, and discussion of surgical options. In addition to weight loss, the algorithm emphasizes optimizing health, decreasing disease risk, and improving overall quality of life.

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Updates to the 2015 version of the Obesity Algorithm include:

  • OMA’s definition of obesity
  • an emphasis on the multifactorial nature of obesity
  • the effects of sleep disorders on obesity
  • the genitourinary and reproductive adverse consequences of obesity
  • the genetic, extragenetic, and epigenetic aspects of obesity
  • the pathophysiology of stress in obesity
  • the effects of non-obesity-related medications on weight
  • an explanation of motivational interviewing and change evocation
  • a description of each of the available weight-management medications

The Obesity Algorithm is subject to a copyright of the Obesity Medicine Association.

Supplemental Updates

Download a copy of the supplemental slides for the 2015 version of the algorithm. These slides contain updates on information that was not available during the production of the latest algorithm but will be included in the 2016 version of the algorithm. (By downloading these supplemental slides for the Obesity Algorithm, you agree to the terms of the Obesity Algorithm license agreement.)

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Referencing the Obesity Algorithm

For the full reference, please use:
Seger JC, Horn DB, Westman EC, Primack C, Schmidt SL, Ravasia D, McCarthy W, Ferguson U, Sabowitz BN, Scinta W, Bays HE. Obesity Algorithm, presented by the Obesity Medicine Association, 2014-2015. www.obesityalgorithm.org.