We are the Obesity Medicine Association.

We are the largest organization of clinicians working to advance the prevention, treatment, and reversal of the disease of obesity. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by obesity. We do so as a community of collaborators. We are constantly sharing, learning, and working to advance the practice of obesity medicine. We approach patient care with evidence-based treatments unique to each individual. And, we invite you to join us – together we can prevent, treat, and reverse the disease of obesity, improve the health of patients in this country, and provide hope to millions.

Members of the Obesity Medicine Association:

  • Treat obesity as a disease, and regard their patients with compassion and dignity.
  • Believe the disease of obesity is at the heart of many chronic medical issues and that reversing the disease improves overall health.
  • Look to the Obesity Medicine Association for education on the latest treatment approaches, new medications, and best practices, as well as preparation for their certification in obesity medicine.

A Comprehensive Approach to Treating Obesity

A Comprehensive Approach to Treating Obesity

We believe that treating those affected by obesity requires an individualized plan. That’s why we identified our four pillars – nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication – which, when combined and personalized, help patients achieve their health goals.