What Is Obesity Medicine? Presentation

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These are exciting times for the field of obesity medicine. New treatment options are constantly becoming available for those affected by the disease of obesity. But we have work to do when it comes to spreading the word about obesity medicine. We rely on the obesity medicine community to promote the field to other health care professionals. To make it easier, the Obesity Treatment Foundation created an important new resource: We’re proud to introduce our “What is Obesity Medicine?” PowerPoint presentation.

Download the FREE “What Is Obesity Medicine?” presentation to share with your colleagues! This presentation is ideal for introducing the practice of obesity medicine during one-on-one conversations, group lectures, or other speaking engagements. It covers:

  • The definition of obesity medicine
  • How to diagnose obesity
  • History, trends, and the evolution of obesity medicine
  • Challenges and opportunities in the field

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View an example and learn how to present the “What Is Obesity Medicine?” presentation to your colleagues. In this video, one of the creators of the presentation, Dr. Amy Articolo, demonstrates how to give the presentation at any of your local speaking engagements.

What Is Obesity Medicine?

Obesity medicine is a field of medicine comprised of passionate and dedicated health care professionals. Clinicians who practice obesity medicine work every day to improve overall health and provide hope for those affected by obesity. If you’re a health care professional looking to change the direction of your career, find out why you should consider obesity medicine!

Watch this short video series to learn the answer to the question: “What Is Obesity Medicine?” Find out how obesity medicine clinicians define obesity and how they treat obesity using a comprehensive, evidence-based approach.