Episode 9: Clinical Conversations: Countering Food Industry Influence

Published Date: January 20, 2020

Episode Description

In this episode, Obesity medicine specialist and OMA clinical education director, Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA, Dipl. ABOM interviews Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH, a keynote speaker from Overcoming Obesity 2019, about the influence of the food industry in the rise of obesity. Topics covered include the effect of food industry on minority populations, how clinicians can help disadvantaged populations with obesity, issues with the US Dietary Guidelines, and how to better assess nutrition research and food labels. Dr. Nestle is a consumer advocate, nutritionist, award-winning author, and academic who specializes in the politics of food and dietary choice.

To access other resources from the clinical leader in Obesity Medicine, visit: www.obesitymedicine.org.

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