Episode 86: Clinical Conversations: Therapies and Pharmacotherapy Treatment Options in Pediatrics

Published Date: August 28, 2023

In this episode, we will be hearing from Dr. Suzanne Cuda, President and Medical Director for Alamo City Healthy Kids and Families. Joining her is Nancy Browne and Dr. Valarie O’Hara. Nancy is a nurse practitioner, pediatric obesity medicine specialist and is also a co-author of the OMA Pediatric Obesity Clinical Practice Statements. Dr. O’Hara is an ABOM certified obesity specialist and the medical director of the WOW 4 Wellness Clinic. Today’s topics are foundational therapies, shared decision making, off-label treatment and pharmacotherapy treatment options in pediatrics.

Episode Guests

Dr. Suzanne Cuda
Nancy Browne
Dr. Valarie O’Hara

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