Episode 13: Clinical Conversations: Brown Fat in Health and Disease

Published Date: March 22, 2020

Episode Description

What is brown fat and how does it impact obesity? In this episode, Obesity medicine specialist and OMA clinical education director, Nicholas Pennings, DO, FOMA, Dipl. ABOM interviews Paul Cohen, PhD, MD, a highlighted speaker from Overcoming Obesity 2019, about the role of brown fat in health.


Topics covered include:

  • Different types of fat and their respective roles
  • The research evidence on the anti-obesity effects of activating brown fat
  • The possible metabolic impacts of increasing brown fat
  •  The impact of weight loss, physical activity, and the gut microbiome on production of brown fat

Dr. Cohen is a physician-scientist focused on the links between obesity and associated diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.


You can purchase the full recording of Dr. Cohen’s presentation on brown fat and access more information about Obesity Medicine podcasts and other resources from the clinical leader in Obesity Medicine at www.obesitymedicine.org.


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