Research Resources

Research Guidance Center: Start Conducting Clinical Obesity Research

The Obesity Treatment Foundation can help you start engaging in clinical obesity research. If you're not sure where to start, let us help you turn your ideas into a study. Contact us to discuss your ideas and utilize the tools provided below to get started.

Once you've developed your ideas, consider applying for a grant. The Obesity Treatment Foundation may offer one or more grants per year to clinicians in the field of obesity medicine. If we're not accepting applications right now, check back later in the year to apply.

Research Tools

Members of the Obesity Medicine Association developed tools to help you conduct clinical obesity research. Use these tools in your practice and start tracking various outcomes related to obesity treatment.

Eating Behavior Questionnaire: Use the eating behavior questionnaire to measure changes in eating behavior as your patients undergo treatment.

Patient Database: Use the patient database to organize and track patient. This comes formatted as an Excel spreadsheet with formulas built in.

Let Us Help You

The Obesity Treatment Foundation can help you find the resources you need to conduct obesity research and publish your results. Contact us at for assistance finding statisticians, institutional review boards (IRBs), and medical writers, or just to discuss your ideas.