Apply for a Grant

Grant Application Period Closed

The Obesity Treatment Foundation is not currently accepting letters of intent or grant applications. If you previously submitted a letter of intent for the $15,000 obesity research grant to be awarded in 2017, please make note of these important deadlines:

Letter of Intent Submission Deadline: CLOSED
Notification of Acceptance: June 27
Full Grant Proposal Submission Deadline: August 8

About the Obesity Research Grants Program

The purpose of the obesity research grants program is to assist obesity medicine clinicians in engaging in clinical research focused on approaches to obesity treatment. The overall mission of the Obesity Treatment Foundation is to advance obesity treatment through clinical research and education, and by offering an obesity research grant to a qualifying clinician, the Foundation can help to amplify the quantity and quality of clinician-driven, practice-based research. Ultimately, enabling this type of obesity treatment research will increase the credibility of obesity medicine specialists and grow the field of obesity medicine.

After Submitting Your Letter of Intent

Successful applicants who previously submitted a letter of intent to apply for the obesity research grant will be notified by June 27 and invited to submit a proposal of no more than four pages (11-point Arial font; plus one additional page for budget and justification). The proposal should contain the following sections:

  • Specific aims and hypotheses
  • Background and reason for conducting the study; justification of the need for the study
  • Design of the study; methods for data collection
  • Timeline and schedule of deliverables
  • Budget and budget justification
  • Recent biosketch or CV (two-page maximum)

Submit the entire proposal as one PDF document to The grant recipient will be announced by August 30.

Purposes for Which Grant Funding May Be Used

Funds may be used for technical support and supplies. Equipment may be funded only in very rare instances where it is essential to the project and is so unique that it is not available at any nearby facilities. Such equipment requests must be well justified in the budget and approved by the review committee. PI’s salaries and travel are not funded; however, salaries for assistants to aid in the completion of the study may be funded. Expenditures of grant funds must adhere to the specific line items in your approved grant budget.