The Obesity Treatment Foundation supported or sponsored the following publications. By collecting and publishing clinician-driven, practice-based research, we can better understand how to effectively treat obesity.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Addiction Potential of Phentermine Prescribed during Long-term Treatment of Obesity
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Behavior Modification: A Patient and Physician’s Perspective
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How Physician Obesity Medicine Specialists Treated Obesity before 2012 New Drug Approvals
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Insulin Resistance and Hunger in Childhood Obesity: A Patient and Physician’s Perspective
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Maintaining Weight Loss by Decreasing Sedentary Time: A Patient and Physician’s Perspective
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Pharmacotherapy for Obesity and Changes in Eating Behavior: A Patient and Physician's Perspective
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Weight Loss: A Patient and Physician's Perspective
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The Use of Pharmacotherapy in Obesity Treatment in the United States
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