Speaker’s Bureau Profile: Chowdhury Ferdous, MD, ABOM

Chowdhury Ferdous, MD, ABOM
Topics of expertise:
Nutrition, Pharmacotherapy, Technology, The Disease of Obesity, Patient Assessment and Evaluation, Communication with Patients


Dr. Chowdhury S. Ferdous is a fellowship-trained Obesity Medicine specialist. She completed her internship in Internal Medicine from Louisiana State University and residency from East Tennessee State University. After completion of residency, she has worked as hospitalist and found her passion for obesity medicine as it was proven in her everyday practice that obesity is the root cause of most diseases. So, with the goal to learn about Obesity Medicine she accomplished her board certification through the American Board of Obesity Medicine. With continued interest in learning more, she then pursued her fellowship training in Obesity and Nutrition support from Geisinger Medical center in the year of 2020-2021.

She has been a speaker in the field of Obesity Medicine and speaking internationally and within her institute on a regular basis. She has been awarded best speaker and the noteworthy keynote speaker awards in the ‘4th International Conference of Nutritional Biochemistry’, Paris, France, April 15-16, 2019. She was the keynote speaker and presenter ‘Obesity and Metabolic Disease’, Yokohama, Japan, May 20- 21, 2019.

Her philosophy in managing Obesity is that it is a complex disease and requires a multimodal approach, including expert support team. She believes in positive thinking, healthy nutrition, practicing mindfulness and relieving everyday stress by techniques such as meditation. She also believes in advanced cutting-edge pharmacotherapy when obesity seems to have become resistant to lifestyle changes. She is also a practicing physician nutrition specialist and manages post-bariatric surgery patients with their nutrition needs including artificial nutrition like TPN and PPN when appropriate.

She enjoys speaking on the topic of Obesity, overweight and associated co-morbid conditions, and researching on the current trends in Obesity, including new treatment modalities and understanding the complex pathophysiology of the disease.

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