ASMBS/OMA – Embracing Multidisciplinary Care – Medical and Surgical Care Under One Roof

Date: October 8, 2020
Accreditation: 7.5 CME/CE
Schedule:  Thursday, Oct. 8 – 10:00-7:30 PM EDT 

Learn about the key components of a multidisciplinary weight loss program. Discover the benefits of incorporating obesity medicine expertise into such a program. This course is designed to expand the knowledge of the obesity medicine physician who might consider becoming part of a medical and surgical weight loss program.  

Why Attend?

  • Learn the various components of a multidisciplinary weight loss program  Explore the impacts an obesity medicine physician can have on such a program 
  • Find out what parts various specialists play in the evaluation and treatment of weight loss patients 
  • Learn how to use medications to support weight loss both before and after surgery 
  • Consider the various behavioral health issues that can impact success before and after weight loss surgery 
  • Examine the various procedures and operations that may be offered for weight loss, including revisions 
  • Understand how best to communicate and collaborate with other providers on the patient’s healthcare team 
  • Know when a medical weight loss patient should be referred for surgical weight loss 

Schedule on Thursday, Oct. 8

All times displayed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

10:00-10:15 AM - Welcome

10:15-11:15 AM - The Integrated Program I

10:15-10:25 AM: Value of the CBN in an Integrated Program
10:25-10:35 AM: The Medical Bariatrician - Even Better in a Program than Alone
10:35-10:45 AM: Science of Exercise and Sedentary Behavior
10:45-10:55 AM: When Team Members Don’t Agree
10:55-11:15 AM: Q&A

11:15 AM-12:15 PM - The Integrated Program II

11:15-11:25 AM: Value of the RD in an Integrated Program
11:25-11:35 AM: Importance of Pre-Op Education and Weight Loss
11:35-11:45 AM: Bad Words and Patient-First Language
11:45-11:55 AM: Psych vs Telepsych
11:55 AM-12:10 PM: Q&A

12:15-1:15 PM - Break


1:15-2:15 PM - Demystifying Surgery I

1:15-1:30 PM: Hx of the Accreditation Process
1:30-1:45 PM: Procedure Choice
1:45-2:00 PM: Revisions
2:00-2:15 PM: Q&A

2:15-2:45 PM - Break


2:45-4:15 PM - Demystifying Surgery II

2:45-3:00 PM: When to Refer to the Surgeon
3:00-3:15 PM: Pediatric SWL Issues
3:15-3:30 PM: Endoscopic Options and Importance of Being Part of the Multidisciplinary Team
3:30-3:45 PM: Why We Don’t Do Certain Procedures Anymore
3:45-4:15 PM: Q&A

4:15-4:30 PM - Break


4:30-5:30 PM - Medical Therapy for Weight Regain

4:30-4:45pm EDT: Selecting the Right Medicine for the Right Patient
4:45-5:00pm: Non-responders: Medical and Surgical Options
5:00-5:15pm: Intermittent Fasting, Weight Loss Apps
5:15-5:30pm: Q&A

5:30-6:30 PM - Preoperative Optimization

5:30-5:45 PM: Altering the Microbiota, Non-Nutritive Sweeteners (Fact/Fiction)
5:45-6:00 PM: Preparing Patients nutritionally
6:00-6:15 PM: what makes a patient not a candidate
6:15-6:30 PM: Q&A

6:30-7:30 PM - Behavioral Health Issues

6:30-6:40 PM: Managing Significant Psychological Issues Before and After Surgery
6:40-6:50 PM: AUD after bariatric surgery
6:50-7:00 PM: Adherence and Accountability, When to Involve Parents/Families
7:00-7:10PM: Food Insecurity
7:10-7:25 PM: Q&A


If you are enrolled in the ASMBS/OMA – Embracing Multidisciplinary Care – Medical and Surgical Care Under One Roof, you will be given access to the recorded lectures for 90 days, once they get uploaded. The upload may take up to 4 weeks post conference.

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