Terms and Conditions

Terms of Exhibiting at Conferences

  • OMA provides only physical mailing addresses upon request for single use. Email addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers are not provided. OMA must approve all advertisements prior to mailing. Pre- and post-conference mailing lists must be used within two weeks of the conference dates.
  • Any additional exhibit booth needs, including but not limited to electrical, telecommunication, additional furniture, and/or accessories are the responsibility of the exhibitor and can be ordered through the conference decorator.
  • OMA reserves the right to adjust the floor plan to meet the needs of the conferences.
  • Premium booths are designated on the exhibit hall floor plans by a circle and are located in prime locations within the exhibit hall.
  • Two booths may be purchased side-by-side at double the single-booth rate.
  • Only staff members of the exhibiting company are permitted to receive the badges and must be identified prior to each conference. Booth representative names must be submitted one week prior to the conference. Any additional badges or name changes are subject to a $50 charge after this deadline.
  • Booths may not exceed 8 feet in height.

Terms of Exhibiting at Obesity Medicine Basics Courses

  • OMA provides only physical mailing addresses upon request for single use after each course. Email addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers are not provided. OMA must approve all advertisements prior to mailing. Mailing lists must be used within two weeks of the course dates.
  • Tabletops are located either right outside the classroom or in a nearby room, depending on hotel accommodations.
  • Number of exhibitors will be determined by facility’s availability.
  • Tables are not assigned to exhibitors, instead will be on a first-come, first-served basis onsite.

Terms of Sponsorship

  • OMA must review and approve all promotional material.
  • The sponsor may not use OMA’s image on any program materials.
  • Lead retrieval needs are solely the responsibility of sponsors. OMA can recommend vendors, if needed.
  • Recognition in the preliminary program and onsite guide are subject to OMA’s printing deadlines.
  • OMA will provide the sponsor with a standard audio/visual package. Any additional audio/visual needs are the sponsor’s responsibility. (Excludes satellite symposia.)
  • Any program offering CME is categorized as a “satellite symposium.” A program not offering CME is categorized as a “product theatre.”
  • Sponsorship opportunities for satellite symposia/product theatre are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • OMA provides all signage at the meeting, in accordance with Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) regulations. Signage is positioned near the onsite registration area and away from any CME component of the conference, indicating the sponsors’ support levels and logistical details of any symposia offering. The sponsor may provide additional signage if they choose, provided approval is granted by OMA.
  • OMA cannot guarantee that similar topics will not be scheduled for another satellite symposium/product theatre.
  • Sponsors may hold only satellite symposia that meet the ACCME guidelines. Sponsors are responsible for securing and providing their CME accreditation for each symposium. OMA does not provide CME hours for satellite symposia.
  • In advance of finalization, satellite symposia content and speakers must be approved by the OMA’s education director and executive director.
  • Each sponsor must confirm and honor their agreement that OMA does not endorse any satellite symposia.
  • OMA is not responsible for marketing the satellite symposia/product theatre to attendees.
  • No announcements relating to a satellite symposia/product theatre may be made during the CME portion of the conference.
  • Timing for satellite symposia/product theatre is contingent upon the confirmation of OMA’s educational programming.

Terms of Advertising in e-Postcards and Obesity Medicine e-Weekly

  • This sponsorship is effective for the length of time noted in the digital media application as “Sponsorship Date(s).”
  • The Sponsor is granted acknowledgement in the OMA’s publications for the length of the sponsorship. Sponsorship of the publication does not include a sponsorship presence on the OMA’s website.
  • All content published is selected by OMA’s staff members and based on its timeliness, usefulness, and relevancy to subscribers. However, sponsors are welcome and encouraged to submit news releases to OMA’s editorial team for publication consideration. OMA reserves the right to refuse publication of any article that includes the promotion of products or brand names for use by a physician or the endorsement of specific products or brand names, including those of the Sponsor.

Terms of Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) Membership

  • Membership to CAC is at the sole discretion of the OMA Board of Trustees, who will assess whether the applicant is actively pursuing the mission of either OMA or the Foundation.
  • Each company is allowed three delegates.
  • Delegate(s) names must be provided. The recorded delegate(s) are the only individuals permitted to take advantage of the permitted benefits of CAC.
  • The annual CAC membership term begins Jan. 1 and ends Dec. 31.
  • Members confirm they will not directly or indirectly influence any decisions related to OMA's educational activities.