Obesity Medicine 2020 - Virtual Conference

The Obesity Medicine 2020 Virtual Conference recordings are now available!

Obesity Medicine 2020 - Virtual Conference

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Available Recordings

Spring Obesity Summit Sessions (21.25 CME/CE)

With the theme of Treat Obesity First, the Spring Obesity Summit focuses on practical strategies you can use to address obesity at the root in a primary care, specialty, or obesity medicine practice. Learn how to apply evidence-based guidelines to the treatment of obesity – including selecting appropriate dietary plans and anti-obesity medications – and better manage your patients' obesity-related conditions and mental health.

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Practice Management Essentials (8.5 CME/CE)

Start your own obesity medicine practice in your current practice setting. Practice Management Essentials will demonstrate practical strategies you can use to build your obesity medicine practice, including common practice models; billing, coding, and documentation guidelines; telemedicine models; mobile health technology; marketing; and non-stigmatizing office setup.

Member: $170 | Non-member: $204

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Motivational Interviewing in Obesity Treatment (1.5 CME/CE)

Learn how to employ motivational interviewing techniques for obesity treatment to enhance patient engagement and promote goal-setting in line with the patient's objectives. Explore effective strategies to evoke change, establish goals, and facilitate long-term behavioral changes.

Member: $30 | Non-member: $36

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About the Obesity Medicine Virtual Conference

Access the same great content online that you would have seen in Phoenix at the Obesity Medicine 2020 Conference. Here you can watch nearly all the sessions you would have seen in Phoenix.

The Obesity Medicine 2020 Conference is the leading medical obesity conference providing clinical obesity treatment education for physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians and nutritionists, pharmacists, psychologists, allied healthcare providers, residents, and medical students. With the theme of Treat Obesity First, the conference will equip you with practical strategies to address obesity on the front lines and assess, diagnose, counsel, and treat your patients with obesity more effectively.

At the Obesity Medicine 2020 Virtual Conference, shift your mindset regarding the treatment of obesity. The disease of obesity is associated with hundreds of serious chronic conditions, but those complications can be addressed efficiently and effectively when you Treat Obesity First. Treating obesity at the root will help you better manage your patients' obesity-related conditions, and it will help your patients improve their overall health for life.

What you will learn at the Obesity Medicine 2020 Virtual Conference

  • Apply evidence-based guidelines to the Obesity Medicine 2020 - Virtual Conferenceclinical treatment of obesity using the four pillar approach: nutrition, physical activity, behavior, and medication
  • Address, prevent, and treat obesity in a busy primary care practice
  • Understand the science and treatment of food addiction
  • Learn how to select meal plans and make specific dietary recommendations to meet patients' unique needs
  • Gain practical strategies to address both obesity and mental health
  • Explore the potential underlying causes of obesity