Candidate Profile: Suzanne E. Cuda, MD, ABOM

Suzanne E. Cuda, MD, ABOM
Running for: Trustee (MD/DO Seat)
Nomination by committee

Dr. Cuda provided the following information on her application for the Trustee position (MD/DO seat). Click on the gray boxes below to expand and view her responses. Click here to view the election campaign rules. Click here to view the conflict of interest policy and disclosure rules.

  • OMA Committee Involvement
    • Pediatrics Committee, Former Chair, Current Member, 7 years
    • CME Committee, Member, 4 years
  • Involvement in Other Professional Societies or Associations
    • ABOM, MOC Committee Member - highly involved 
    • The Obesity Society, Member - minimally involved
    • POWER, Former Member - highly involved 
    • AAP, Fellow 
  • Other Professional Activities
    • Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, 2013-2020
    • Associate Professor, Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, 1996-2011
    • Publishing/Pediatric Obesity Algorithm and Pediatric Self-Assessment Program Volume II, Editor, 2018-Present
    • Publishing/Pediatric Obesity 2020, Front Pediatrics 2019, J Peds 2019
    • Speaking: POWER webinar 2019, Grand rounds 2019, 2018, PAS 2017
  • What do you envision as the top 3 goals or objectives that are most important for OMA in the next 5 years and why?
    1. Build the professional standing of the OMA. The OMA has grown immensely over the past decade but is not as well recognized as TOS or the Endocrine Society as an Obesity organization. This could change with the continued expansion of the CME platform and would take a quantum leap with the addition of a journal.
    2. Start an OMA journal. This ties into my response for the first G&O. A journal would reach more than the membership and will both raise the professional standing and recruit new members as well as expand the sharing of knowledge in Obesity medicine.
    3. Build the online platform. The current online platform is good but could be even better. More packages specific to clinical situations/problems not just a list of offerings at a conference would be helpful. More podcasts and interactive platforms would be great. The new self-assessment platforms are helpful and should be expanded.
  • How do you think your talents and skills will best serve the OMA and its members?

    I’m a seasoned clinician, teacher and researcher. I practice obesity medicine exclusively and have now worked in a military setting (both academic and non academic), a civilian children’s hospital (academic setting) and now am in private practice. I am on the Advisory Board for Novo Nordisk and am in the Rhythm GOLD program. I have numerous publications and have worked actively on several committees for the OMA. I am the lead author on the Pediatric Obesity Algorithm and I am the editor for the Pediatric Self Assessment Program. I believe I can use this combined experience to help OMA move forward.

  • List 3 reason why you wish to serve on the Board of Trustees and explain why they will be an asset to the OMA.
    1. I have extensive leadership experience in the US Army, civilian hospitals and now have private practice experience. I’m an expert in Pediatric Obesity. I think I can be a big asset to the OMA, which is a complex organization with many moving parts.
    2. I believe that the next step for OMA is to increase its professional standing. I believe that with my experience I could help this process.
    3. I’ve been in the OMA since 2011 and have served on several committees, was the Sec/Treasury for the OTF, lectured, been the lead author on the Pediatric Obesity Algorithm and the Editor for the new Peds SAP. I would like to be involved in the leadership apparatus of the organization at this point. I have a very broad working knowledge of other areas which I think will help me be an effective BOT member.
  • In what ways do you think OMA could improve and why?

    The OMA needs to increase its professional standing. It has made a lot of progress and the Adult and Peds algorithms have really helped. The SAPs are raising the standing as well. and the caliber of the conferences is improving. However, the OMA does not have a journal. This is the logical next step and I would like to work to make this a reality.

  • Disclosures

    Disclosure of Actual or Potential Conflicts of Interest occurring within 1 year of the date of this form and within the foreseeable future:

    • Novo Nordisk Adolescent Advisory Board
    • Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Gold Program 

    Disclosure of ANY interests that could possibly result in a Conflict of Interest in the future with OMA, such as an ownership interest in any business, stock/bond holdings, a grant, an employment relationship, or consultative or advisory arrangement, etc.:

    • None

    Disclosure of involvement / relationships with other similar or competitive associations / societies which represent interests of obesity medicine clinicians (please specify your level of involvement, i.e. board member, committee leader, committee member, general member, etc.):

    • ABOM MOC Committee Member