Candidate Profile: Sandra M. Christensen, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, FOMA

Sandra M. Christensen, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC, FOMA
Incumbent Trustee
Running for: Trustee (NP/PA seat)
Nomination by committee

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  • OMA Committee Involvement
    • Speakers Bureau, Chair (2018-19), Board Liaison (2020-present), 2018-Present
    • Obesity Algorithm, Member/Author, 2018-Present
    • International & Diversity, Board Liaison, 2021
    • CME Overview, Member, 2013-2020
    • CME Planning, Member, 2016-Present
    • NP/PA, Member, Co-Chair 2012-2014, Board Liaison 2020, 2012-2020
    • Outreach, Member, 2017-2018
    • Membership, Member, 2021


  • Involvement in Other Professional Societies or Associations
    • American Association of Nurse Practitioners, General Member 
    • The Obesity Society, General Member
    • Obesity Action Coalition, General Member
    • ARNPs United of Washington State, General Member
    • Sigma Theta Tau-The Honor Society of Nurses, General Member
    • Northwest Alliance for Psychoanalytic Study, General Member 
  • Other Professional Activities
    • Publication: Book—A Clinician’s Guide to Discussing Weight with Patients, Springer Nature, 2021
    • Publication: Recognizing Obesity as a Disease. J Am Assoc Nurse Pract, 32(7), 497-503, 2020
    • AANP—Conference speaker; faculty & speaker for obesity education programs (honoraria), 2017-2021
    • AAPA—Conference speaker (honorarium), 2019-2021
    • Certificate Program in Primary Care Obesity Management—Subject Matter Expert, Faculty & Speaker (honoraria). 2018-2019; 2021
  • What do you envision as the top 3 goals or objectives that are most important for OMA in the next 5 years and why?
    1. Establish OMA as the clinical and thought leaders in obesity medicine. OMA offers the finest clinical obesity education available making us the best resource for clinicians who want to treat obesity. This also positions us as experts within the healthcare community. It is important for OMA to reach out to other organizations and government health agencies to offer our expertise so that we are the first organization to be contacted when there is a need for expert commentary, guidance, or education. Our Speakers Bureau launched in 2019, making OMA speakers available to clinical organizations who need evidence-based obesity education. We are the first national obesity organization to have a speakers bureau, which moves us closer to being recognized as the clinical and thought leaders in obesity medicine.
    2. Attract and retain OMA members. OMA’s most important resource is its membership. A larger membership expands our influence in both the obesity community and the healthcare community at large. To have a robust, engaged, membership, we need to continue to provide the finest clinical education available, offer additional member benefits, and expand our efforts to involve and empower our members. When members feel needed and valued, they stay engaged and continue their membership.
    3. Expand the voice and reach of OMA in the clinical community by leveraging the clinical and leadership expertise of our members. We cannot rely solely on OMA board members to expand the voice and reach of OMA. We need our members to articulate the message and value of OMA to their colleagues and within the systems in which they work. As an organization, we need to provide them with the tools and opportunities to accomplish this. OMA members are a rich resource that can expand our reach even further. There is so much work to be done in the obesity arena, that we need all hands on deck.
  • How do you think your talents and skills could be utilized in attaining OMA’s goals and objectives?

    I have the ability to turn vision into reality. In my 16 years of OMA membership, board service, and committee service, I have co-led projects that have resulted in the creation of the OMA Speakers Bureau, the Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine, a NP/PA position on the OMA Board of Trustees, and the International & Diversity Committee. I have worked collaboratively with committee members, board liaisons, OMA staff, and the Board of Trustees to accomplish these big goals. Each project has expanded the voice and reach of OMA. As a member of the Board of Trustees, I have brought the voice of NPs and PAs to important board decisions, including the selection of the executive director.

    My longstanding OMA committee involvement and two years of service as an OMA trustee have given me first-hand experience with how OMA operates. From chairing the Speakers Bureau to serving on the CME Planning and Overview committees to being a contributing author of the Obesity Algorithm, I have contributed to the growth of OMA. This service has allowed me to cultivate positive relationships with OMA leaders, members, and staff, which have been an asset during my last two years on the OMA Board.

  • List 3 reasons why you wish to serve on the Board of Trustees and explain why they will be an asset to the OMA.
    1. I want to continue to contribute to the growth and influence of OMA through board service. It has been an honor to serve on the board for the past two years. As a longtime OMA member, I have seen our organization grow from a small group of dedicated, passionate clinicians to the thriving organization it is today. It has been a thrill to witness and participate in this growth, both as a member, leader, and trustee. In my role of trustee, I have served as board liaison for the Speakers Bureau, International & Diversity, and NP/PA committees, providing leadership that has positively impacted the current and future growth and influence of OMA.
    2. I want to continue to bring the voice of NPs and PAs to the OMA Board. As the first NP/PA Board Trustee I have been honored to bring the voice and perspective of NPs and PAs to the OMA Board. My presence has sent a powerful message to NPs and PAs that OMA is an organization that values their clinical and leadership expertise. I would value the opportunity to continue my advocacy for expanded opportunities for NPs and PAs to grow as obesity leaders so that OMA will benefit from their passion, expertise, and commitment to obesity medicine.
    3. I want to increase member engagement. An engaged membership is the glue that holds an organization together. As a board member, I have advocated for, and supported, projects and programs that educate and involve members. One example is my advocacy to grow the Mentorship Program, which has recently expanded from conference mentorship to a year-long relationship that guides newer members in their professional development and strengthens their relationship with OMA. Serving as a mentor provides members with the opportunity to grow as clinicians and leaders, which is rewarding for them and ultimately benefits OMA.
  • In what ways do you think OMA could improve and why?
    1. Increase member involvement. OMA would benefit from providing more opportunities to involve members in committees, programs, and education which will build the skills and leadership capacity of our members and ease the burden on the Board of Trustees. We have made great strides in this area with the creation of the Speakers Bureau, adding more OMA committees, and soliciting conference presentation proposals from OMA members. The more our members feel needed and valued, the stronger their commitment to OMA will be. Organizations are strongest when they are focused on developing the leadership capacity of their members.
    2. Value and promote diversity and inclusion in OMA. We have already taken the first step by creating the International & Diversity Committee, which launched in January 2021. Over 25 candidates applied to this committee, indicating that they value and support the need to recognize and leverage our diversity. This diverse committee is currently focused on projects that address the needs of diverse patient populations with plans to expand their reach in the years to come. I look forward to seeing greater diversity in OMA’s membership and leadership, as well as a growing number of international members.
    3. Expand the visibility of OMA by leveraging the clinical and leadership expertise of NPs and PAs. The talents and expertise of our NP and PA members are a vital resource for growing OMA and expanding its influence. Through my participation in OMA committees, the OMA mentoring program, and other OMA activities, I have witnessed the leadership, passion, and dedication that NPs and PAs bring to our organization. OMA NPs and PAs worked diligently with the OMA Board to create the Certificate of Advanced Education in Obesity Medicine and a NP/PA Board of Trustees position. Although NPs and PAs comprise 22% of OMA membership, they have very few opportunities to lead. I hope to see NPs and PAs in more leadership positions and have a voice equal to their number.
  • Disclosures

    Disclosure of Actual or Potential Conflicts of Interest occurring within 1 year of the date of this form and within the foreseeable future:

    • Novo Nordisk - Speakers Bureau
    • Gelesis - Advisory Board
    • Author of "A Clinician's Guide for Discussing Obesity with Patients" published by Springer Nature - Book Royalties

    Disclosure of ANY interests that could possibly result in a Conflict of Interest in the future with OMA, such as an ownership interest in any business, stock/bond holdings, a grant, an employment relationship, or consultative or advisory arrangement, etc.:

    • Novo Nordisk - Speakers Bureau

    Disclosure of involvement / relationships with other similar or competitive associations / societies which represent interests of obesity medicine clinicians (please specify your level of involvement, i.e. board member, committee leader, committee member, general member, etc.):

    • None